3V3 Recreation Soccer League 2013

Registration will begin in February 2013, Games will be run once a week.

Wednesdays, June 5, 2013 through July 24, 2013.

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Use the registration form to register individuals or teams.  We will place you on a team if needed.

Contact tom@tcfoote.com for more information

The fastest growing soccer format is 3 v 3

What is it about 3 v 3 that makes it such a great game?

From the Player's viewpoint

·         Lots of action

·         Usually much higher scoring than "regular soccer"

·         Simple, straight forward game based on 2 and 3 man combinations.

·         No offsides

·         Easy to form teams and organize friendlies... only need 6 or more players for a game

·         Can play 3 v 3 friendlies without adult intervention


From the Coaches viewpoint

·         Good skills practice

·         Lots of touches of the ball, more touches developes better skills

·         Develops quickness both of mind and body

·         No place to hide... a player on the field is actively defending or attacking at all times

·         No Offsides

·         Players develop tactical awareness and become skilled in 2 and 3 man combinations

·         Constant marking practice

·         Easy to organize teams and matches

·         Roster from full sided team can form four 3 v 3 teams for practice matches

·         Team can practice on smaller field.  More places to practice/play


From the Parents point of view

·         No Offsides

·         No Slide tackles

·         Smaller field for better view of entire match

·         Nice Quick 30 minute games


From the referees point of view

·         No Offsides

·         No Slide tackles

·         Smaller field

·         Shorter Time Commitments


From the Club Administrators Point of view

·   Easier to form teams for all players that register -  If 15 players register for an age group that plays 8 on a side, either some players don't get on a team or someone has to go out and find about 5 more players to have enough for 2 teams.  With roster size of 4 to 6 for a 3 v 3 team, almost any number of registered players divides up evenly into teams with no players left out in the cold.

·   Easier to find coaches willing to take on the responsibility of dealing with 5 or 6 players/families rather than 14 to 16.

·   With more coaches involved (because of the smaller roster size) at younger ages, more coaches get started in the club to be candidates for coaching the larger teams as the children get older.